Launching a new product or marketing the brand requires some unique promotion. Corporate Photo Booth Hire is a new way of getting required awareness or exposure.

Plan your next event in style. Photo booth comes with hi tech built in features like email, instant upload to social media, video messaging and green screen. Companies hire photo booths for events like promoting a product or brand or to generate curiousity among customers or clients.

Guests visiting the booth will love high quality photos with company name imprinted in the background. Take photos, share them or buy them. These photo booths have a way of attracting the clients. Photo booths are so much fun these days, as they know how to capture people’s attention.

Dare to Be Different

If you are looking for something different at an event, then hire a photo booth. Packages start from 2 hour to 5 hour event ranging from £389 to £800 respectively. Get unlimited printouts instantly. With so many props to choose from, like placards, hats, glasses or moustaches, your booth can fetch customers.   Choose from different themes or make your own theme. Entertain the guests, they would never have expected.

The photo Booth is managed professionally and also comes with an attendant, who is there to help you. If you are looking for some more fun then, hire photo booth with wind machine. They give you a stylish and glamorous photo by blowing your hair, the way you had only seen in movies!

Make your event a success

Hire a professional photo booth and make your event a success. They know how to engage and entertain the guest with their quirky props and features. Customise your own photo booth or hire one, to succeed in your endeavor. What’s more, a social media enabled booths, where guests can upload pictures or videos, can get you in the news instantly photo booth for all occasion in Singapore. The images or pictures shot in the booth can be given to the customers as a memorabilia.  Be ahead in the race by hiring a photo booth at the right place and right time. Put your company logo in the background and spread the message by quick uploading on Facebook and twitter. Advertise your product the best way. You can create the right effect with funny props and promote your brand.

Book that booth

Did you know that some professional photo booth can create background images that can compliment your brand? The customers or clients can instantly associate with the brand.

Customers or clients look forward to know what’s in the photo booth.  Sky is the limit for imagination. Be creative. Possibilities are endless. Make your event the much talked about event of the night. Be in the league of high profile brands with customized corporate photo booth hire. Today corporates hire photo booth to generate additional income and increase footfalls. These booths have also become a permanent fixture in some stores to gain customers attention by entertaining and showcasing more about the products offered.