Do corporate gifts increase employee loyalty? – A Short Report

Most companies provide goodies to their employees through the year as a part of boosting their morale and encouraging them to be more involved in work. Often the workday gets mundane and workplace loses its charm and interest the way it used to, when employees first start out. Most people join companies with a lot of excitement, especially if it is their first job. Keeping up the spirit of employees is one of the key duties of the companies. If they fail to do so, they might have to deal with constant attrition of employees.

Recognition is the Key Word:

When it comes to gifting employees, it must be combined with recognition. It is the key to having the employees focussed and giving their best performance at work corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore. As far as employees are considered, it is important to give them the ‘pat on the back’ at the right time to gain loyalty for the organization. If the size is small, consider giving employees freebies or discounted sale bags and pens with the company logo. It makes a self-advertisement as well as a perfect gift for the deserving employee.

Effective ways Of Gifting To Increase Loyalty:

More than giving material gifts, there are certain ways by which the right corporate gifts can provide the maximum benefits. Here is a short list by which you can effectively send out corporate gifts to employees for maximum benefits

  1. Be Present – Make sure the head of the organisation is present while giving the gifts. It makes the employees feel more important
  2. Organise a little – A little organising for creating an event can yield results beyond expectations. It helps to credit employees for their performance in a clear and transparent way.
  3. Make the gift useful – Instead of alarm clocks or wall hanging portraits that are common gifts, choose something trendy and useful, like the USB or a small decorated pen drive. They will be frequently used, increasing employee gratitude.
  4. Keep the family in the picture – Always imagine the employee as a family person. If you give away gift passes for the family, there will be more support for the employee from the family as well. It will make the employee more involved in work with less pressure from family.
  5. Be on time – A promised gift must be given on time. Delay loses the value of instant gratification. More gratified employees make a loyal contribution to the betterment of the organization.
  6. Award Best Performers – Doing the best must be recognised and given due attention failing which the performance will see a dip. Make sure that you address all the top performers in company forums, creating more importance and inspiring new people on board.
  7. Address Important Events – Smaller corporate organisations can gift employees on their personal events like birthdays too. If the organisation is big, it may not be feasible considering the number, so milestones and achievements in the organisation can be recognised and gifted.